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'Cleanse' Shampoo

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A gentle cleanser without the harsh ingredients. Effective at cleansing without sulphates for all hair types.

Curated with plant powered ingredients to get that shampoo 'lather' whilst being 100% sulphate free (and Curly Girl Compliant!)  

Follow up with our 'Smooth' Conditioner for the ultimate experience.

Suitable for:

Straight | Wavy | Curly | Afro hair types

No Drying Alcohols, No Silicones, Cruelty Free, Vegan, No Mineral Oils, Curly Girl Compliant/Friendly.

Volume: 250ml 

Active Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Juice – Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E promoting healthy hair growth. 

Glycerin – This powerful ingredient, that is a water soluble conditioning agent. 

How to use:

Rinse your hair thoroughly, add a small amount to your hands and activate with a small amount of water. Add the shampoo to your scalp and gently massage your scalp. Rinse thoroughly. 



Cocoamidopropyl Betaine

Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside

Vegetable Glycerin – Humectant which draws in moisture to the hair and scalp.

Coco Glucoside

Glyceryl Oleate – Natural plant sugars, detangling agent

Aloe Vera Juice - Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E promoting healthy hair growth. 

Xanthan Gum - Naturally derived acts as an emulsifier in hair products

Cetrimonium Chloride – Anti-Static conditioning agent

Dehydroacetic Acid – Organic acid that is an ecosafe preservative. Paraben & Formaldehyde free!

Benzyl Alcohol - Organic alcohol that is an ecosafe preservative, paraben, formaldehyde free!

Fragrance – Under 0.4% of scent